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The Crofton City Council approved a new set of zoning regulations in January of 2014. All contractors and residents within the jurisdiction of Crofton are reminded that they need to make themselves aware of these comprehensive rules and abide by them when planning any new construction or remodeling/yard projects.

Zoning Permits for the City of Crofton

The Planning and Zoning Commission would like to remind residents that now is a great time to submit zoning permit applications for 2019 construction.

Zoning permits are required for new and replacement buildings and structures, concrete, decks, additions, fences, gazebos, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and other man-made structures obstructing the area between the earth and the sky on a property, lot, or parcel within the city limits. The city also has limited authority for uses of property within a one mile distance from the city boundary.

Zoning permits are an intricate part of a city’s growth for citizen’s safety, maintaining a uniform architecture within the city, and assuring property values are not compromised.

A zoning permit application is available from the city clerk or online at www.city.crofton-nebraska.com . The application must be completed and submitted to the city clerk.

It’s important the application be completed with as much detail as possible to ensure expeditious approval. A good website for lot identification and other information is www.knox.assessor.gisworkshop.com, click on the “Planning/Zoning” link at the top.

If a resident intends to submit a zoning permit application, it should be submitted well in advance to starting construction. The approval process can take a few weeks in order for the Zoning Administrator to review the application and to get approval from utility companies and city staff. For questions regarding zoning permit requirements or help in properly completing a zoning permit application, contact the city clerk, and the Zoning Administrator volunteer will contact the applicant with assistance.

The City of Crofton is currently zoned into several districts ranging for commercial/industrial to low density residential, with each zone having defined conditions on the use within the district. The districts are defined around the current use within those districts and possible future uses within each district. The city districts can be rezoned as needed to support the districts development and as needed as the districts build and evolve. If rezoning of a particular district is beneficial to the community, a public hearing is held and the citizens have equal empowerment to submit and voice concerns and questions. The citizens also have the empowerment to petition changes to the city ordinances and the city zoning ordinances including the zoning districts

~ Zoning Regulations HERE or review them at the City office.
~ Building Permit HERE or pick up a copy at the City office. (rev. 5/18)
~ Temporary Use Permit HERE or pick up a copy at the City office.
~ Variance Application HERE or pick up a copy at the City office.
~ Conditional Permit for Housing Domestic Animals in the city limits HERE
~ Permit to Temporarily Obstruct a Street HERE

All documents are available at the City Office
~ City Codes HERE
~ City Ordinances 260-269 HERE
~ City Ordinances 270-279 HERE
~ City Ordinances 280-289 HERE
~ City Ordinances 290-299 HERE
~ City Ordinances 300-309 HERE
~ City Ordinances 310-319 HERE
~ City Ordinances 320-329 HERE
~ City Ordinances 330-332 HERE

If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk at 402-388-4766.

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