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WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE CROFTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FUND BUILDERS CLUB and MAKE A DONATION ON A MONTHLY BASIS? Please click HERE to download the form to make a monthly automatic donation. THANK YOU for your support!

The Crofton Community Foundation would like to establish a financial base for the citizens of Crofton and the surrounding area so they can continue to have a prosperous community and strive to add to the betterment of the area.

The Crofton community Foundation Fund is working to build a nest egg and to create a culture of giving. It’s a process for a city, village or a town – like growing up. Once the practice of giving by community residents is repeated a few times and watched by other residents, it becomes woven in the very life of the community. This is why your contribution is important and will have a lasting impact on the Crofton community. Your tax deductible donation is a chance to give back to Crofton and your people. The Crofton Community Foundation Fund will accept donations of any size at any time and offer many ways to donate with just some including:

  • Donations of money ~ Donations of money can be made by contacting any of the committee members or mailed directly to Crofton Community Foundation Fund, P.O. Box 52, Crofton, NE 68730
  • Donations of grain ~ The Crofton elevator is set-up to conveniently take donations of grain for the Crofton Community Foundation Fund. Just indicate the grain donation amount and the Crofton Elevator will issue the donation to the Foundation in your behalf.
  • Donations from estates ~ Donations from estates, such as property or insurance payouts are also welcome donation options. These types of donations require arrangements by contacting a committee member.
  • Donations in memory of others ~ The foundation has donation cards that can be sent to the family recognizing a donation has been made to the Foundation in their behalf. In memory of cards are available from any committee members or can be obtained at Town and Country Insurance.
  • Donations of business services ~ The Foundation’s activities are conducted by volunteers and business expenses are minimized so that donations can be given back to the community, therefore the foundation welcomes donations of business services. Printing services, promotional products, advertising and business supplies are appreciated and will help keep operational cost at a minimum.

*If you would like to make a cash donation click HERE to download the form for mailing a cash donation.

*If you would like to make a grain donation click HERE to download the form for a grain donation

*If you would like to make a donation via credit card click HERE and then click “Donate to this Fund”.


The Crofton Community Foundation Fund wants to leave a lasting impression so the community and rural area will enjoy bountiful rewards, which will affect the lives of family and friends who will follow in our footsteps for years to come. Keeping the community strong and progressive will attract younger families who will make a positive impact on the Northern edge of Knox County.

Remember the monies which the Crofton Community Foundation Fund raises, stays in the Crofton community, and operates locally through volunteers only. We hope to make improvements in the city’s two parks and even a museum has been discussed. We sincerely hope you all join in the conversation on ways the Foundation can make a positive impact, and please send your suggestions to the foundation.

Consider giving one of the committee members a moment of your time and listen to all the good things which can come from a community project and ask how you can help make the foundation a success.

The endowment fund is a permanent investment account, which is similar to a personal investment account, where the principle remains in the account and grows through investments managed by the Nebraska Community Foundation. The Nebraska Community Foundation helps Crofton manage our local foundation and manages the investments. Once the foundation has built-up the endowment and starts receiving returns, Crofton’s Foundation will then return the money made back to the community. Some examples of what the foundation can provide is money for our youth in scholarships, park projects, city improvements, assistance to other community organizations or specific improvements the committees feel are most appropriate. The endowment is very important to the future of Crofton and the future of Crofton’s foundation, and is a permanent asset to the community.

The Crofton Community Foundation Fund meets once a month in various locations in town. It’s an informal, come-as-you-are-type of meeting. The Foundation is represented by a variety of business people, town people and farmers. However the foundation would prefer to have more representation from area agriculture and farming, the mainstay of the community. Therefore anyone interested in joining the Crofton Community Foundation Fund Committee please contact any of the committee members.

Any CCFF committee members are able to assist with any donation or pledge, gift or estate memorial. The members will be glad to answer any questions regarding the Foundations. The CCFF committee members include:

~Mick Reifenrath, Peoples Grocery, Crofton

~Rod Schieffer, Schieffer Insurance Agency, Crofton

~Doyle Stevens, Doyle Stevens Construction, Crofton

~Terry Mueller, Town and Country Insurance, Crofton

~Charleen Buschkamp, Farmers and Merchants State Bank, South Yankton, Crofton

~Michael Guenther, Downtown Auto Service, Crofton

~Jon Zavadil, Citizen and Committee Member, Crofton

~Irma Arens, Citizen and Committee Member, Crofton


The future of Crofton is up to us. Following the leadership of the CCFF committee will make Crofton shine. Talk to a CCFF committee member, or get involved in the community and set in on a meeting.

Thanks to everyone for the support and donations, we are all building a better future for Crofton.

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